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The Traveling Dietitian: A New Adventure in Food, Nutrition, and Travel

My First Blog Post: A New Adventure in Food, Nutrition, and Travel

Welcome to The Traveling Dietitian website and blog! My name is Jessie, and I’m so happy you are here :) Let’s have some fun!

Another blog? Another food blog?? Yes and sorta! 

For my “First Blog Post,” I would like to introduce this entire blog as a new adventure in food, nutrition, and travel. Not only have I never blogged quite like this before, but I also have never tried to gain a following or make a blog a stream of income. Maybe this new approach will encompass those things, maybe it won’t. One thing is for sure: I’m going to enjoy putting out the content!

Even if just one person benefits from this blog (Hey, Mom!) then it is worth it.

In a nutshell, the Traveling Dietitian blog will be to explore the world and it’s great food! It is for past adventures, standout foods and dishes, don’t miss restaurants, current trip itineraries, small business highlights, gotta try recipes, and dreaming of all the above. 

Okay, Jessie, good for you! Can I ask why are you creating this Traveling Dietitian blog?

  • I’m blogging because I enjoy writing and I hope people will want to read what I have to say.
  • I’m blogging to put my travel trips on another medium that my kid(s) might even like to read one day.
  • I’m blogging because I have experience both professionally as a Dietitian and personally as a wanderlust. And I think the two can be blended in a lot of ways.
  • I’m blogging for fun but also because I want to!

Beyond that, I hope to inspire a healthy love of food and a wanderlust spirit in you.

Whether you live vicariously through me or not, I hope you see healthy foods are all around the world. And venture out to try them because I’ve inspired you. I hope you see businesses or restaurants you’ve never heard of. And you will go out of your way to try. I hope you get excited to live and explore each day. Because we only get one life to live!

At the very least keep following to learn more about food, nutrition, destinations, businesses, cultures, and cuisines.

Bonus: get a peek into my life that’s sometimes funny, sometimes sobering, and sometimes straight up crazy – but always worth the journey.

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