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About me

My Travel & Food Story

My love of food is a close second to my love of travel. So, it should be no surprise I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) who’s “seen more than some see in a lifetime.”

I have visited all 50 US states and 25 countries, all before I was 30 years old. As my birthday approached, my goal quickly became “50 before 30” for States explored or “30 by 30” for countries visited. As life would have it, the States won out.

I have been practicing as an RD for almost a decade in many settings, including level 2 trauma hospitals, military bases, long-term care facilities, and private practice. I have covered several specialties and enjoy diabetes, cardiovascular, and fitness/sport the most.

No matter where I go for work or for fun, you won’t find me far from a good bite to eat or exploring and thoroughly enjoying my surroundings.

My husband and I in Atlantis for our honeymoon!
the start

How I started traveling

I started traveling as a kid with my family. We were fortunate to take a family vacation every year, usually in the summer. Both my parents wanted me and my brothers to see the world, not just our neighborhood. We went from coast to coast over the years with some crazy stories I hope to tell. Those summer days are long gone but my love of traveling never stopped!

Me with my older brothers and Mom eating our packed lunch while on a vacation.


Countries Visited


US States explored


Continents Touched
Hiking in Alaska!

My Reason

This blog is to bring both passions of travel and nutrition together for a unique flavor amongst travel and food blogs. It is for past adventures, standout foods and dishes, don’t miss restaurants, current trip itineraries, business highlights, gotta try recipes, and dreaming of all the above!

Take a seat at the table with me and enjoy!