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My Travel Adventures

There’s rarely a travel opportunity I won’t take and so many delicious and nutritious foods to eat along the way. Let’s go!

Discover the best places & food from around the world

If you travel for work or for pleasure, you will love the variety of topics here.
Get inspiration to “Eat like a Dietitian” along with recipes to bring back home.
Read about small businesses to look out for, travel tips to implement,
restaurants to try, and products to use.

Travel Tips & Tricks

Great ideas for traveling solo, as a family, for work, or just to getaway

Recipes of the World

You’re invited to join me at the table, wherever it is around the world.

Travel Products

Take a look at products I recommend to take on your next trip.

Past, Present, Future.
Explore all Recipes & Adventures.

The world is filled with incredible places to visit (and live!) with an abundance of things to do. It also has amazing foods to indulge in and to savor so that a lasting memory is created.
Won’t you join me as I dive into the world of traveling and eating like a Dietitian?

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Exploring the World of Great Food
One destination & dish at a time!